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Just dial 511 and choose the touch tone system by pressing the # key or simply stay on the line to speak your information request.

If you choose Touch Tone Input:

Press 1 for Ferries Information.
Press 2 for Statewide Traffic Information.
Press 3 for Mountain Pass Information.
Press 4 to link to the Oregon 511 system.
Press 5 for Seattle Express lane directional status.
Press 8 to Repeat the options.

If you choose to speak your requests:

Say "Ferries" for Ferry System Information.
Say "Mountain Pass" for Pass Conditions.
Say "Traffic" for Statewide Traffic Information.
Say "More Choices" for additional requests.

The "More Choices" options include:

Say "Weather" to get current and forecasted weather by city.
Say "Public Transit" to get phone numbers of local transit services.
Say "Passenger Rail" to get phone numbers for all rail service providers.
Say "Airlines" to get phone numbers for major airlines.
Say "Travel Numbers" to get phone numbers for other travel information services in adjacent states and providences.
Say "Express Lanes" to get the Seattle Express lane directional status.

Helpful Hints when using Voice Options:

You can say "Help" at any time for hints on how to use the system.

You can say "Repeat" at any time to hear your choices again.

You can press the # key at any time to transfer to the Touch Tone input system.

The voice recognition system can be confused by background noises. If the system is having a hard time understanding your request try moving to a quieter location, turn your radio down, roll your window up.

Drive Safe, don't use your cell phone when driving!